New Year, New Me

As the new year approaches, we start to reflect on some of the great moments of the year that has just gone by. However, we also seem to never forget some of the major trials and tribulations that have filled our year. Although the new year realistically doesn’t change anything, we can change on the new year. The new year can be the beginning of a new and better version of yourself.

How do you become a better version of yourself? Everyone could have their own method, however I have one that seems to work for me and may work for others as well. This method definitely isn’t perfect, but has helped me with goals I have set and certain struggles in my life.

The first part of my method is finding 1-3 things that I believe I need to improve on. Just starting off small is important as these small things can branch off and help with other things.

Next, write down how you want to better yourself in this aspect of yourself. I have done different things such as specifically write down how I want to approach this, or even a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Goal. SMART Goals are great ways to break down a problem in your life and find a good way to attack it. It also help keep track of how much progress you have made. Humans love the feeling of achievement and I have found this to be a great step in my endeavors to become better.

Third, talk to someone you trust. This may be hard, it is even for me sometimes. But it is important to remember that we all have our own struggles and most of the time, the people who you trust will be willing to listen and assist you. Talking to someone can help you possibly see the problem you are looking to conquer in a different light. This is something that has gone a really long way for me, so just be courageous and be willing to be honest.

And finally, get yourself in the right mindset to change. Many people say they want to change or they will change, however aren’t in the right headspace to truly do so. My advice to get in the right mindset is to remember how helpful it will be in the future. Bad habits you have can really impact you in the future, depending on the severity of it. However, fixing it as soon as you can is definitely ideal, no matter how old you are. It is important to see the good that comes out of improving, instead of dealing with a struggle in your life and struggling. Therefore, even though it may be hard, putting the effort into changing may be a little harder now, but in the long run you will thank yourself.

After all of this is settled, you just need to execute. Work hard everyday to create a better version of yourself. You will thank yourself later. Let’s use the new year as a new beginning. Even though the new year’s can’t literally change us, let’s change on the new year and become a better version of ourselves.