Best Subject in School

Jshawa Solomon, CBN Staff

There is much contention to what the best subject in school is, with some saying English is the best and others stating history. However, for those of an analytical mind, math comes out on top in almost any regard.

To begin, math remains one of the most important subjects in school as it is highly applicable to life both in and outside of the classroom. In fact, most technology created and used, bases itself off of complex math. Coders use math to create programs like video games and city planners or architects must carefully use geometry to create a safe, stable building. 

If one applies themselves and is lucky enough to have a good professor, math is also fairly easy to pick up as there is always a defined answer. Unlike English, there is not much to interpret with math and so if one memorizes a formula, they can solve any equation that relates to that formula. Some say that history also has defined answers but unlike math, you cannot figure out what date the Civil War ended (1865) through a formula. Some may not enjoy the robotic-like behavior of figuring out math problems however there is a secret joy to understanding complex equations using building blocks previously learned.

In the end, math is paramount in today’s society so it is better to learn it and appreciate it now than to resent it and remain blind to its wonders.