Chocolate, Strawberry, or White Milk: The Debate of the Century

A topic that will be controversial as long as milk is on the earth. There is no question like it. What kind of milk reigns supreme, chocolate, strawberry, or white milk.

For me, the question is very complicated as I have and do love each and every one of their own specific way. Strawberry milk is my all time favorite airport drink, something unique that definitely goes under the radar, and is definitely the best smelling and prettiest looking milk. Strawberry milk isn’t sold at school lunch, but it is something that should be looked into because it does go well with a lot of food and surprisingly fruits as well. Strawberry milk is definitely also the most thick and creamy is something good to enjoy with your friends on a hot, summer day. Strawberry milk is amazing, however I cannot put it above the other two. Therefore strawberry milk stands at number 3.

Cereal, baking/cooking, Oreos, and so much more. White milk is the baseline of all milks and trust me, it is very versatile. I think for cereal alone you could make the argument white milk is number 1. White milk with cereals like Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Coco Pebbles, or anything in between is incredibly good. In cooking, many dairy products begin with milk. Also many forms of pancakes and waffles are made with milk as well. Creamed corn is also so good and it something great to cook for the family. Don’t even get me started on the mac and cheese as the cheese, and sometimes the amount of milk you put in is the factor of how good any given bowl of mac and cheese is. And this allows mac and cheese to be one of the best foods on the planet but, that is a topic for another day. And finally, everyone just knows white milk and Oreos go hand and hand as it is probably one of the best duos in the entire food world. Because of all this, I have to put white milk at number 2.

And finally, if you know even of me, you should already know the answer. Chocolate milk is the best form of milk, and is arguably one of the best kinds of drinks today. Chocolate milk is so incredibly good, it is hard for me to put into words how it beats the other two. The utter millisecond it hits your taste buds, it brings a sense of sweet happiness and comfort. I can still picture in March of 2021, relaxing by the pool at the Grand Floridian, walking up to a vending machine, and picking out a bottle of Nesquik Chocolate Milk. Popping it open and drinking it in the heat of Florida is one of the best memories I have even to this day, almost 2 years later. The nostalgia I have from just drinking chocolate milk makes it worthy of number 1 on its own. However, I believe chocolate milk is also the best drink to drink with most foods. Pasta, chicken (especially buffalo chicken), sandwiches, rice and beans, and so much more. The list goes on and on and on. Even drinking chocolate milk by itself is a treat, something that can’t be said for the other two milks the same way it is said for chocolate milk. In my opinion, there is almost nothing in this world that compares to chocolate milk. And because of all this, chocolate milk reigns supreme above all milk and is number 1 one my list of milks.

To conclude, in my opinion, all milk is good and beneficial in their own way. Strawberry milk brings the sweetness, white milk brings the variety, and chocolate milk the best of both worlds. In my opinion, chocolate milk is the best milk in the entire world, and I can ensure you, I will stand by that until the day I die.