Movie Review: Malignant

A frightened Madison Lake. (The New York Times)

In the spirit of Halloween, new horror movies have started to come out in theaters. Malignant is an R rated horror film about a woman’s terrifying dreams turning into reality. Malignant came out September 10th, 2021 and already made over 30 million in box office revenue. Madison Lake is played by actress Annabelle Wallis. Her sister is played by Madeline Hasson. George Young acts as a bright detective, Kekoa Shaw. Michole Briana White portrays skeptical detective Regina Moss. Beware, spoilers ahead!
The movie goes back and forth between the past and the present, each giving bits and pieces of plot. In the past it showcases the vlogs of a scientist, and her experiments on abnormal humans, one in particular is the violent “Gabriel”. The present fasts forward 27 years later to a woman named Madison, who’s struggling with the loss of her baby and her realistic nightmares.
Madison Lake is a pregnant woman, living in the city of Seattle, with her abusive husband. One day her husband loses his temper, and strikes Madison across the face. She falls back into the wall and her head bursts open with blood. Later that night, her boyfriend is brutally murdered in the living room of their home.
Madison starts to have nightmares of ruthless murders, and wakes up to find they’ve actually happened. Suddenly, she’s become the prime suspect in multiple murders. With the help of her adoptive sister, Madison must find out the truth to these chilling occurrences. She discovers not only the truth, but the history behind her childhood.
I recommend this movie to horror fanatics. While it is rated R, it contains no sexual content. I do warn, the movie is extremely violent and gory. If you’re under the age of seventeen, make sure to ask your parent or guardian before watching. Malignant is one of the better horror movies to come out of the 21st century and has both a good plot, and terrific acting. Malignant will leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting for what will come next. I give this movie 4/5 stars.