Thoughts on New Chromebooks

Dhir Patel completing a school assignment on his new Chromebook

This year, HMHS has finally received new Chromebooks. I’ve had my Chromebook since 2017. I’m personally exceptionally ecstatic about the new technology. I’ve held possession of my old Chromebook for four continuous years, which wasn’t in the best condition. In addition to the broken case, my Chromebook was slow and couldn’t hold a good charge. This new updated software is significantly changed, has tremendous camera quality, and it’s battery life can last an estimated three school days.
One negative aspect would be the protective case. The new case is huge and bulky, it barely fits inside our backpacks. Having lockers could help solve this predicament. You could always hold your Chromebook, but this is a problem for people who walk to school. I understand that the larger case prevents damage to the Chromebook, but the old ones did as well. Most likely, students will take off the big cases, leaving their computer unprotected and at risk of being in repair.
Fortunately for everyone, new Chromebooks give a fresh start to having responsibility for a delicate, brand new item. Students should definitely be more cautious when it comes to taking care of these computers to prevent paying the high price for their careless actions!