Don’t Harsh My Mellow: Minimum Wage

George is back and his mellow has yet again been harshed. This time around George discusses the important issue of the minimum wage, focusing on the fact that it is in fact not a living wage. George discusses how other states have extremely low minimum wage compared to the Massachusetts minimum wage of $13.50 an hour. Unfortunately, even the Massachusetts minimum wage is not a living wage, making it hard for many of those among us to afford housing, food, and other basic necessities. A living wage can change based on the state you live in based on the cost of living in that area, but very few states, if any, having a living wage as the minimum wage. There is also the issue that most good paying jobs are in large cities, which have high costs of living that are almost impossible to move into for those who make less than $15 an hour, and would still be hard to afford for someone making $15 an hour. The fact of the matter is if the costs of living continue to rise, so too must the minimum wage rise in order to make sure everyone can live off of their work.