Synchronous Learning Opinions

A new synchronous learning plan has now been installed within HMHS. Instead of the older method, where students basically had a day off on their remote day, students will now be required to attend mandatory virtual meetings to tune into class. CBN reporter Matthew Messina gathers the opinions of different students on this new method of teaching and what it means for the school as a whole. The initial reaction for many students was disappointment that now those bonus days off were gone, plus they were now required to do more school work, which could add more stress during this Pandemic. However some understood why it was implemented, as some students would fall behind on work without a routine schedule that they were used to in years past. This new system could also bring other benefits, as some mentioned that now both cohorts can interact with each other during class, being able to help each other out with work and projects. Overall this new system has its ups and downs but one thing is certainly important, attend those Google Meets and keep your grades up.