Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a topic that’s been trending all over the internet ever since the beginning of 2020. As a result, many influencers have been forced to end their successful careers due to the amount of hate they’ve received.
What even is cancel culture you may ask. To sum it all up it is when a celebrity or influencer is “canceled” due to profanity that infuriates the public, or viewers. The term “canceled” is when fans of a certain celebrity turn against them due to a reason that they may have found offensive, and therefore refuse to support their fanbase by not purchasing merchandise, unfollowing their social media accounts, and refusing to support them in general. This can cause the celebrity to potentially lose followers, support, and even money. Many reasonings behind this madness could include past racist comments/posts, sexual harassment towards minors, taking the pandemic as a “joke”, and the list goes on.
According to an article by the Insider, television host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres was exposed by many of her past guests for her rude attitude towards them, causing her reputation to decrease greatly. Commonly known Youtubers, Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson announced that they’ll be quitting the Youtube platform due to past videos of them doing blackface (presenting a white figure and painting their skin tone to resemble a person of color) which were leaked to the public. Both are abandoning their channels of 20+ million subscribers. Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat, famous song artists, have been canceled by the internet for racism, whether it was within song lyrics, or participating in a chatroom that was filled with racist commentary.
Senior, Matt Messina thinks cancel culture is toxic and should be canceled all together. He states, “One rumor about you, whether true or not, can completely destroy your reputation. No human being is perfect, no human being ever will be perfect, and telling someone they’re ‘over’ because one mistake is unnecessary and stupid.”
Whether you or someone you know has heard about Cancel Culture or not, it is believed that we can all agree that Cancel Culture is toxic overall and does not bring light to any situation.