The New Bathroom Essentials


Amy Yip

The new soap dispensers and paper towels.

Amy Yip, Dhir Patel, and Madison Burnett

The students and staff of HMHS got a bit of a surprise when they came back from vacation. The paper towels and hand soap dispensers in every bathroom and several classrooms/art rooms. Instead of the brown paper towels that we used to have, we have white paper towels. The soap used to be dull white soap but now has changed into a smooth blue. The company that distributes the soap has also changed their dispensers.

Custodian Edward Gonsalves says, “There are new paper towels and soap to save money towards a better education for the students.”  Also, the paper towels were made with recycled material.

Carrieta Jacques, a sophomore at HMHS, said, “I like the new paper towels as long as they’re not hurting the environment, and the soap dispensers are more modern and colorful to look at.”

In addition to the new paper towels and soap dispensers, over next vacation new toilet paper holders will also be installed.

Many people thought that since the new paper towels have a white color that they were made with bleach, a chemical that can harm the environment. According to, an online store that sells janitorial and sanitation supplies, the white hue of “Rapidly Renewable Fiber” is the cause of why it’s pale, not bleach. Rapidly Renewable Fiber means that it’s made of a plant that grows rapidly, such as bamboo.

Amy Yip
On the left is the old paper towel dispensers still containing the brown pieces of paper.