New Track and Field Provide Top Notch Athletic Facilities

Amy Yip, Dhir Patel, and Madison Burnett

The new track and artificial turf field are two important additions to Holbrook Middle-High School. Our coaches and student-athletes are all excited to be using them this year.

Ms. Betsy Eaton, the cross country coach, says, “Even if the field is not used by all students, it looks great, it adds a positive and professional aspect to the school, and creates a better climate for sports and learning in general.” She adds that when the cross country athletes run on the new track, not only do they feel pride in their school, but the surface is much better their muscles and joints.

Mr. Randy Grimmett, the football coach, says, “I think the field is a tremendous asset to the school, providing a top grade playing field for football and soccer, as well as a home track venue for both cross country and track and field.” He adds that they will probably lead to an increase in participation for those teams and increased support for sports in general.  

Principal Stevenson thinks the track and field is great for students who want to express themselves through physical activity. She says that they are not only an addition for student-athletes but,  “Phys. Ed. teachers love to take their students out to the track for class.”

Thomas Hoff and Thomas Nihtila, two seventh grade cross country and track athletes, both agreed that they like the new field and the track “feels good to run on.”

The new track and turn field cost close to one million dollars to construct. Some staff members have been concerned about people breaking the rules, such as not eating on the field or bringing in beverages besides water. Other rules are about not bringing cleats on the track or bringing anything with wheels on the field. These rules are in place to protect the track and field from any further damage.

Amy Yip
These rules apply for the track and field.