Water Leak in the Art Room Under Control


Madison Burnett

One of the holes in the art room where the water leaked

Madison Burnett, Staff Writer

Ms. Pallone recently discovered a leak in her art room, B107. The library sink was clogged and water seeped through the ceiling, causing a minor flood. Everything in the library was okay, but unfortunately the art room had some damage.  After a few attempts to fix the leak, that problem has finally been solved.

Ms. Pallone says, “Thankfully nothing has been ruined. I had supplies stored in plastic bags in the cabinets.”

Amy Yip
The water in the art room has caused a disruption during Ms. Pallone’s art classes.

When asked about the incident, Mrs. Stevenson said, “Whenever there is a leak on the inside, it is disappointing because you don’t want to see anything messed up and you don’t want to see leak marks on our walls.” Mr. Bolger and the custodians were very responsive and quickly found the problem.