New Club Plots Their Next Move

Niall Horgan

Recently a new club has popped up at the school. The Strategic Games Club meets most Thursdays and play games that revolve around strategy, making them considerably more complex than traditional favorites, like Monopoly or LIFE.

Last Thursday the club played two games, Codenames and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Codenames is a spy game in which each word represents a spy and only one player on each team (two teams with two players each) knows which words are the codenames for the spies. For example the codename might be whale so the player who knows would hint with sea creature.

In Betrayal at the House on the Hill players slowly learn about the house they are in by shaping it themselves as each game is randomized. The players must get their stats up such as sanity or might and eventually reach the haunt stage. Each haunt is different and has a different set of rules involving how you can win.

Junior Chris Esperon said, “It is fun to out smart other people especially when it is your classmates. I enjoyed messing with the others playing the game.” Each week can feature new and unique games and is a great way to hone your skills and train your mind.