Meet Ms. Mak


Carrietta Jacques, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ms. Julianne Mak is the new Latin and World Cultures teacher at Holbrook Junior Senior High School. She has been teaching for eight years, since 2009. Most recently she taught at Sliver Lake High School in Kingston, before coming to Holbrook.  Ms. Mak teaches Latin 1 to the 8th and 11th graders, while the 7th graders are taught World Cultures and Latin 1. She believes Latin aids in expanding students English vocabulary and writing skills.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Mak wasn’t always expecting to become a teacher. Her interest in Latin sparked when she began taking it in high school. She also had a passion for ancient Greek and Roman culture and mythology. She enjoyed the language and went on to college where she continued to enjoy her major in Classics – the study of Latin, ancient Greece, and all the cultural aspects that come with it, including myths, the history, and the arts. When she realized an office job wasn’t for her, she went to the classroom.

So far, she is enjoying working at Holbrook Junior Senior High School. She says the staff is friendly and the students are fun to be around. She also mentioned she likes the size of the school which she believes allows students to get to know each other at a fast pace. She loves the anticipation to seeing what each different day holds and is thrilled to know she is contributing to the creation of a Latin program in Holbrook.