Tarnopol Nominated for Teaching Award


Martine Augusma and Meyli Solis

Rachel McBrine, a junior at Holbrook High, nominated Mr. Frank Tarnopol for the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction award. The purpose of this award was to recognize teachers who showcase a significant positive impact on students and their quality of learning. McBrine stated that she felt that she has made “substantial gains from his classes and his guidance as a teacher.” She also mentioned that Mr. Tarnopol has made “the most difference in the best way” to her high school career.

When asked about what she thinks about his teaching style, McBrine specified that every teacher could learn from his way of “effective and enjoyable” teaching style. Rachel believes that Mr. Tarnopol fit the perfect picture of a “great educator,” and that he cares deeply for his students’ well-being. To finish off, Rachel said, “Many times he has displayed and stated his understanding for the struggles a high school or middle school student may have, and it’s a wonderful comfort to feel that a teacher understands the way Mr. Tarnopol seems to.”

it’s a wonderful comfort to feel that a teacher understands the way Mr. Tarnopol seems to

— Rachel McBrine

Mr.Tarnopol is a computer teacher at the Holbrook Junior Senior High School. He teaches students from 7th to 12th grade how to program and how to write web pages.  

He is a very trustworthy teacher and many students think he is very amiable. Mr. Tarnopol has wanted to teach since he was in the 4th grade. He became interested in computer science in the late 1990s and when a position became available to teach computer science he took the opportunity.

While he was teaching,  he started to realize that he loved education and he really liked to see his students grow intellectually. Tarnopol noticed that his students ended up teaching him new things too, and that they were both growing.

He thinks that McBrine nominated him because he felt that he had shown her some of the possibilities that computer science offered to her. He said that the award is a recognition of what all the teachers hope to accomplish in their careers.