New Recruit: Mr. Brendan Case

Joanah Diala, Editor-In-Chief

Along with the upcoming new school building, new teachers have been recruited in the Bulldogs teaching team. One of them being Mr. Brendan Case as Holbrook High School’s new gym teacher. Mr. Case is now working and getting to know the students and staff of Holbrook High.

Mr. Case was originally from Connecticut and moved to Cape Cod as an athletic director. To know just how committed Mr. Case is to his new job, he travels every morning from Dennis, Cape Cod all the way to Holbrook. Mr. Case currently lives with his wife and three daughters and says that he loves the beach. In regards to working at Holbrook High, he describes the school to be “warm and welcoming” and that he enjoys interacting with the staff and students of the school.

Working alongside Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Case mentions that she has been helpful. As for the new school building, Mr. Case definitely feels the same excitement as everybody else. He hopes for new gym equipment and a lot more opportunities for students to be more motivated and active.