Robotics Breaks the Curse!


Christian Esperon

Robotics team wins the “Savage Soccer” competition held by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Robots ranging from simple tank builds to completely complex robots, were able to perform in the special arena built by WPI robotics team. The Holbrook robotics team started in the top ten in the first half of the preliminary stages, but failed to keep the rank as more competitive schools sky rocketed up the leader boards.

At the end of the preliminary matches, the top qualifiers were able to choose robots of their liking from other schools excluding the other top 10 team robots, during the second phase of the competition, the elimination rounds. Being in the lower bracket, the Holbrook robotics team was not allowed to choose a robot of their liking.

Luckily one of the top ranking teams chose two of HJSHS robotics team and was able to participate in the finals. With strong defensive robots on the field along with the top scoring robot of the allied team, they were able to rise above the ranks and win the competition. After numerous competitions being in second place, the Holbrook team finally brought back 2 champion awards of the “Savage Soccer Competition”.