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Meet Mr. DeCoste

Amir Lazaar
6th Grade History Teacher Mr. DeCoste

As a sixth grader new to reporting for Code Blue News Online, for my first assignment I was asked to interview one of my favorite teachers. Immediately, I thought of Mr. DeCoste, HMHS’ sixth-grade history teacher for the past eight years. Judging by how excited students are to learn in his classroom, he seemed to be a top choice for my Q&A.

I asked him interesting questions like, “How did you choose your career path, what is your favorite drink, and what was your favorite subject when you were in middle school?” Not only was he happy to answer my questions, but also gave hints about some secret future projects planned for his lessons.

Why did you become a teacher?

“I started teaching because I like history and want to talk about it. However, I stay a teacher because of all my students. They can be challenging, inspiring, and hilarious – sometimes all in the same day.”

What was your favorite subject in middle school?

“Social Studies was always fun – I grew up in a family that talked a lot about the past such as grandparents’ lives and things like that. Science would have been a close second; although I wasn’t all too good at it.”

What is your most interesting student story?

“Oh, man, there are too many. I’m fortunate to have had a chance to work with fascinating people. I’ll cheat and, rather than telling one, I’ll say my favorite student stories are the ones where a student learns something about herself or himself and grows as a person.”

How do you feel about this school year, so far?

“I’m optimistic. I think the sixth graders are a hard-working group of students and I think that they are off to a great start!”

What projects are you planning to do with the sixth grade this year?

“In terms of bigger projects, we just finished our Neolithic Village project this week and, in the third quarter, we will do our research project. There’s a fun ‘make a choose your own adventure’-style project during the second quarter. Fourth quarter is a bit too far out to forecast. Stay tuned!”

What are your favorite drinks?

“In the warmer weather, I like vanilla coke. In the cold weather, I like apple cider. In any weather, I like hot coffee, never iced and never, ever decaf.”

Why do you like teaching social studies?

“I was a history major in college. Even as a kid, I always loved the stories. It was all like the opening scroll of Star Wars: ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.’ Now, I get to share these stories with the next generation of students. I’m the luckiest guy in the building.”

Getting to know Mr. DeCoste during our interview was fun. As his student, I am looking forward to finding out about some of his new and secret classroom projects planned for the rest of the school year.

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Anthony Sivos
Anthony Sivos, CBN Staff
Anthony Sivos or Ant is currently in 9th grade at Holbrook Middle-High School. He helped in STN and he also is in video production. Outside the school he loves the ocean and playing video games.

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