Ultimate Bulldog Comeback in Sweet 16


Amy Yip

Marquis Dobay-Lindsay guards Hopedale player as they shoot the ball

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

The Bulldogs recently competed in their third tournament game, versing the Hopedale Blue Raiders. In the tournament, the Bulldogs were ranked #14, while the opposing team was ranked #3. This game didn’t end up being a challenge for the Bulldogs, as they won the game 60 to 46, which now brings their record to 18-4!

But the game started off with the Bulldogs down 23-19 during the first half. The Blue Raiders were a challenging opponent for the Bulldogs, catching rebound after rebound and driving the ball, but the Bulldogs caught up in the second half with a number of three pointers made by Armani Perkins.

The MVP of the game was without a doubt Perkins. Not only being the lead scorer, but with plenty of rebounds, three pointers, and foul shots, Perkins absolutely killed it this game. Making this one of Perkin’s best games of the season. 

While Perkins dominated for the Bulldogs, the team didn’t disappoint, per usual. With strong defense from not only the usual big-man Malachi Desire, but as well as Marquis Dobay-Lindsay and Owen Burke. The astonishing offense came from Allen Brown and Jalik Fernandes. 

The Bulldogs upcoming game will be against Mount Greylock on Friday the 10th. Be sure to keep a lookout for the time and location of the game on our Instagram @CodeBlueHMHS.