Bulldogs’ Advances Further Into Playoffs


Sam Hobart

The team lined up during the National Anthem (left to right): Jalik Fernandes, Marquis Dobay-Lindsay, Allen Brown JR, Armani Perkins, Malachi Desire, Cameron Campbell, Antoli Theodate, and Jadan Radcliffe

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

For the second round of the playoffs, the Bulldogs faced the Calvary Chapel Cougars. After losing their first regular season game against them, and winning by one point in the second game, both teams were ready for a close game. And a close game it was. After being down in the first half, the Bulldogs avenged their record, winning the game 44-41.

 It was a full house, with dozens of fans from both sides cheering on their respective teams. 

Great game played by 6-man Jalik Fernandes, achieving a buzzer beater in the third quarter, and playing both defense and offense. Other great players include Allen Brown JR, Bulldog’s top scorer Armani Perkins, and star defensive player Marquis Dobay-Lindsay who also made multiple three-point shots throughout the first half of the game. 

This will impressively boost the Bulldogs’ record to 17-4. As the Bulldogs make it to the next round in the playoffs, they will face off against either Hopedale or Millis, who are currently ranked #3 and #30 respectively. 

The Bulldogs next game will be next week so make sure to stay notified on our Instagram @CodeBlueHMHS. Good luck Bulldogs, we know you’ll do amazing!