Bulldogs Bag Win Against Cougars


Amy Yip

Allen Brown JR shoots a three-pointer

Amy Yip, Editor in Chief

The Bulldogs recently faced the Bishop Connolly Cougars, leading the entire game. Their final score ended up being 68-53. The Bulldogs’ winning streak will land their current record to a whopping 15-3. 

Throughout the game, multiple layups came from Armani Perkins and Malachi Desire. The two also stepped up their defense game throughout the first half. 

Several three-point shots also came from not only the usual Owen Burke throughout the entire game, but Marquis Dobay-Lindsay during the first quarter, and surprisingly Allen Brown JR in the second half of the game. 

With the playoffs creeping up on the Bulldogs, they seem as ready as ever to make this season the best yet! 

Their upcoming game will fall on February 15th at West Bridgewater, where they will play the West Bridgewater Wildcats. This game also happens to be a double header, with the varsity girls team playing as well. The girls are scheduled to play at 4 PM, while the boys at 5:30 PM.

But be sure to support your Bulldogs at their last game for the boys on February 16th at 5:30 PM against the Avon Cougars. This game isn’t only the last of the boy Bulldogs, but will be their senior night for their remaining seniors: Malachi Desire, Marquis Dobay-Lindsay, Owen Burke, Matteo Santini, and Jadan Radcliffe. Good luck Bulldogs!