Music Review: KSI ft. Oliver Tree – Voices

Dhir Patel , Editor in Chief

On January 27, 2023, British music artist KSI released his new single, Voices, featuring American singer Oliver Tree. Like many other music videos, this song, along with the music video, tell a story that the musicians are trying to convey. This music video was also written and produced by Oliver Tree.

The name of this song brings out what the song is mostly about. In the video, KSI and Oliver Tree are shown with a significant other that they are dating. It was the same person, but at different times in their relationships. First, the person was breaking up with KSI, and later, it shows them breaking up with Oliver Tree. The verses and main chorus are focused on how they can both still hear her voice in their heads and she is still in both of their minds as they cannot stop thinking about her.

Later in the music video, we see a cameo from British YouTube influencer Chunkz, who is a friend of KSI and is in a British YouTube Group called the Beta Squad. This cameo showed him getting engaged to this sad girl that both Tree and KSI broke up with, making them feel upset and angry.

The comedy that KSI brings is not gone however. Both Oliver Tree and him have weird hairstyles throughout the video, and there were many scenes which were also humorous. This includes when Oliver Tree was crying after he found out that his ex was getting married and at the end when both KSI and Oliver Tree saw her next to her fiance and their hair grew bigger because they were angry.

Focusing on a music impact, this song is more poppy than some rap songs people expect him to put out. Many of his singles have been singy-type songs, rather than rapping, and they have been perceived very well by the audience. 

If you have not watched the music video or heard the song, then go to the KSI YouTube channel or Spotify if you would like to listen to it. Many people are excited to see what song he will make next, and when his next album will be released because of the success of his latest one.