Freezing Temperatures in New England

Johann Rodriguez-Viera, CBN Staff

Last weekend, freezing weather swept New England into a frenzy, with temperatures dropping as low as -9 degrees. With schools canceling left and right, Holbrook students were questioning if their school would be next. However that was not the case and now the question stands alone, when does a school get canceled?

Depending on who is asked, cancellations can be seen as a dream or a nightmare. For many teenagers, it is seen as a well-needed day of rest, but as for teachers and administrators, they are forced to acknowledge that they are losing a day of learning and have to play catch-up for lost time. 

According to, school administrators were quoted saying, “When schools close, the loss of education and student learning is always central in the decision.” Administrators are tasked with the decision to prioritize students’ potential safety, or their right to education which causes many to struggle with a stance on the matter. 

When asked if school should be canceled to adjust for the freezing temperatures, the Holbrook Middle-High School assistant principal, Mr. Rosenfeld was cited saying, “A day in February is much more productive than a day in June.” He has also stated that he believes in a delay for situations like the weather that occurred last Friday. Although temperatures are ever so difficult to track in today’s day and age, it is important that during the winter months that students dress appropriately and are able to be safe.