Chinese Spy Balloon is Shot Down On Atlantic Coast

Jordan Cioffi, CBN Staff

A believed-to-be Chinese Spy Balloon has just been shot down a little off the coast of North Carolina. This massive, 200-foot-tall balloon has been perplexing and keeping Americans up on their toes for the last week. It was first spotted in Montana and has since drifted over to the east coast where it was finally shot down by a U.S. fighter jet. There was more debris than expected as it covered an area of over 15 football fields. Even after all this, no one really knows why China decided to launch this air balloon. One major theory is they were trying to get a look inside U.S. bases in Montana. However, they could’ve just used satellites and the U.S.A. wouldn’t have known. Even so, the balloon was hovering over Montana and some military bases for a while. This has made many Americans and the U.S. government skeptical of what the true intentions of China were. There is currently another spy balloon hovering around Latin America. These spy balloons raise so many questions and so much controversy within America. As we get more on the story, we’ll keep you updated as the story develops.