Roaring Game Against Bulldogs and Lions


Samuel Hobart

Jump ball by Armani Perkins

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

The Holbrook Bulldogs recently went up against the Saint John Paul Lions, absolutely killing the competition. Their final score ended with the Bulldogs winning 71 – 39. This victory will kickstart the Bulldogs’ record to a whopping 13- 3. 

The Bulldogs played a terrific game, leading throughout the entire time. Amazing drives by Armani Perkins and Parsons Janvier. There were also great blocks by Jalik Fernandes and Malachi Desire. 

The Bulldogs played such an amazing game that the second half was played almost exclusively by the JV team. With four regular season games left be sure to attend the Bulldogs next game on Friday, February 10th at Westport Middle-High School.