Lebron James: Is He Being Targeted?

Kelvin Mungai, CBN Staff

Lebron James, the “Kid from Akron,” King James, or many other aliases is known for his exceptional skill in basketball. With such greatness also comes controversy. 

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics had a serious face off where they even went into overtime. During the game, Lebron James missed a layup due to an alleged foul from Jayson Tatum, which wasn’t called during the game. This missed call is being attributed to the reason why the Lakers lost. 

After reviewing the footage after the game, NBA officials have now determined that Lebron was indeed fouled, but of course, the game is over and done with now so the call (or lack thereof) cannot be changed. 

Lebron’s reaction to the no call was pretty extreme where he jumped up and down and even ended up kneeling to the ground. Many Lebron haters, but even some fans, are now calling him out for being “childish” and acting like a “baby”. Many people who participate consistently in the debates over who’s greater, Lebron or Michael Jordan, are using Lebron’s reaction as fuel, claiming that “Jordan would’ve never did that” and this has called even more people to dislike Lebron.

The only way for Lebron to come back from this now is to let his game do the talking and make an even greater comeback. We’ll see how Lebron choses to respond to this and what his reaction will have in store for the future of the Lakers team.