Cochrane Named Player of the Year

Culpepper Coach of the Year


Thomas Denny

Freshman Riley Cochran, the team’s leading scorer, wins the ball in an early season game against Westport

Sovunh Veou, Staff Writer

Riley Cochrane, a freshman member of the girls varsity soccer team, was named player of the year for the Mayflower League. She scored an impressive 33 goals this season.

Mr. Sean Culpepper, a math teacher who previously coached the girls team for several years, has come back to coach and managed to lead his team to the tournament, earning him coach of the year honors for the Mayflower League. The varsity soccer team hasn’t been in the tournament since 2013. Their record was nine wins, seven losses, and one tie.

The team lost their tournament game 2-0 against Archbishop Williams.

Mrs. Lauri Thompson acts as the score keeper most of the soccer games and knows the team very well. She says, “This team will be very good to watch for the next couple years.” She is also impressed with the girls on how they’re always ready no matter if they’re on or off the field. She also says “They’re all a talented bunch! Some of the soccer players are really talented and have a lot of skill and will have a bright future ahead of them.”