Tight Race Against Bulldogs and Wildcats


Amy Yip

Jalik Fernandes shoots a successful layup

Amy Yip, Editor in Chief

The Holbrook Bulldogs recently faced off against the West Bridgewater Wildcats, resulting in a close race between the two teams. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs’ was met with a tough loss against the Wildcats, with a final score of 64 to 54. This loss will now bring the boy’s varsity record to 10-3.

This game mirrored the Bulldogs’ game against the Calvary Chapel Cougars, both arguably being their tightest games of the season. 

The Bulldogs were leading throughout the entire game, but couldn’t keep up during the last quarter with an ultimate comeback from the Wildcats. 

Throughout the game, key players on the court include Armani Perkins, Allen Brown, Malachi Desire, Owen Burke, Jalik Fernandes, and Marquis Dobay-Lindsay. The Bulldogs’ offense was kicking it into high gear within the first three quarters, while their defense wasn’t up to par as their past games. 

But while they faced a loss, the Bulldogs still qualify for the playoffs so that’s a plus! They still have a chance to increase their record, with their next game being January 30th at 5 PM, it’ll take place at Atlantis Charter School. Good luck Bulldogs!