First Round of Capstone Done

Kai Forbes, CBN Staff

The last week of term two marked the start and end of senior Capstone projects. Capstone is a graduation requirement at Holbrook Middle-High School. In senior year, students are tasked with picking a topic of interest that they research and collect information on to build their project. They are given the choice to host an event, create a product, or write a paper and from there they get to work. With several deadlines that have to be met, Capstone can be a strenuous class for anyone, but staying focused and on task, proves that this is a project that can be done. 

To prepare for their final speech, seniors have mini-presentations throughout the class to better their public speaking skills. With help from Mrs. Paone, mentors, and the research collected, the first round of seniors gave their 8-10 minute speeches on the topic they’ve been working on all first semester, and did a great job at that! 

Good luck to the next round of seniors and the following classes to come!