Owen Burke Makes History in Holbrook


Caroline Duggan

Owen Burke after scoring his 1,000th point

Kai Forbes, CBN Staff

Fellow HMHS senior Owen Burke made history and scored his 1,000th point. The stands were packed with friends, family, and fans who were in anticipation of that final point. 

Burke had gotten the news from his coach, Mr. Gifford, that he needed fourteen more points to meet that milestone and he did just that. It didn’t take long for Burke to reach his thousandth point, with the games match-up being against SSCA. 

Burke was able to gain the fourteen points he needed in just the first quarter. With a shocking assist from Owen’s younger brother, Keagan, Burke shot his thousandth point from the three-point line and the crowd went wild. 

From playing at the varsity level as a swing since 8th grade to being a starter and captain for the varsity team, Owen Burke has shown his dedication and drive throughout the years for the sport of basketball. This game was a momentous memory not only in Burke’s basketball career but in the history of Holbrook basketball as well.  

Owen Burke standing next to a personal display dedicated to his 1,000th point (Sam Hobart)