Brian Walshe Charged with Murder

Brian Walshe is set to be charged with the murder of his wife, Ana Walshe. Ana Walshe has been missing since January 1st, 2023.

Walshe was previously charged with misleading investigators on $500,000 bail. However, his search history changed the direction of this entire case. Reportedly, Walshe searched for things such as “how long before a body starts to smell,” “how to stop a body from decomposing,” and “10 ways to dispose of a dead body if you really need to.” The police also found blood in their basement with a bloody knife. Prosecutors have piled up evidence to charge Brain Walshe with murder, and disinterring a body.

Walshe is currently being held in the Norfolk County House of Corrections. Searches continue from their hometown all the way to the North Shore. If you have anything that may be helpful to the investigation, contact 781-383-1055, or e-mail [email protected].