College: Is it Even Worth it?

Amy Yip, Editor in Chief

College, the topic in which everyone dreads to talk about. Whether you’re a middle or high schooler, college has probably been on your mind one way or another. But is college even worth the hype? 

According to a recent study by Ramsey, they list a plethora of reasons that argue both the pros and cons of college. 

For pros, they state that many occupations nowadays require a college degree.While you can still seek a job without a degree, you won’t be able to open up the pathway to the variety of career choices. You’ll be unable to pursue occupations such as nursing and teaching, which both require a degree. College graduates are also proven to make more money than a high school graduate. While a high school diploma can get you $30,000, a college degree can land you almost $52,000, separating the two by $22,000. 

Outside of the job field, college can increase your knowledge in general. College level classes are built to install skills that you’ll need in the working field. Skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking can be enhanced with college courses. While also being on campus, you’ll be able to access the university’s resources such as job fairs and volunteer opportunities, all of which are installed to amplify your chances in the job market. 

For cons, you can still land your dream career choice even without a college degree. They use examples such as Bill Gates, someone who never finished college but yet is one of the richest people in the world. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 43% of college graduates land with jobs that don’t even require a degree. But that also comes with your degree may not land you a high-paying job. Degrees such as history and English are known for making a low income. Many say that if you were to pursue a degree in majors such as those, college would only be a “waste of time.” 

With a low income comes the regret that follows after graduating. A survey by the Payscale showed that 66% of college students regretted their decision to pursue education beyond high school and/or their major. Those who aren’t so sure of what they want to do with their lives tend to “panic pick” their majors, in which they end up regretting in the long run. A good portion of college students also don’t end up graduating, so your time and energy tends to go down the drain. 

With that being said, do you think college is worth it or is it a time waster? You decide.