Netflix Show Review: Wednesday

Dhir Patel, Editor in Chief

Since its release, one new show on Netflix has been watched more than many other shows being released. Even five weeks after the show came out on the platform, it managed to reach #1 again and has stayed in the “Top 10 Shows of Netflix Today” since then. The name of this show is Wednesday.

Wednesday is popular among those who watch Netflix occasionally. This 8 episode comedy horror spin-off of a 1964 TV series was first released on November 23, 2022. 

The main character, Wednesday Addams, is a teenage student played by actress Jenna Ortega. The whole show is about one mystery at the school Wednesday goes to, which is Nevermore Academy. This school is for outcasts and certain people with special abilities, where there are four main groups: the werewolves, vampires, sirens, and gorgons. Wednesday, however, chooses not to join any of these groups as she is more of an outcast than anyone else going there and decides to pursue this mystery and get to the end of it.

Even at Nevermore Academy, the school for the unique outcasts, many students express feelings that they want to show, but it is not the same for Wednesday. Since her parents made her go to this school, she has expressed minimal happy feelings towards other people. Wednesday is a psychic, meaning she has mind powers where she can see visions of events that have happened before or may happen soon. Throughout the show, she tries to master this ability as it is random most times, difficult to control, and had just realized in the beginning that she got these powers from her mother.

This mystery is about a Hyde, a human who can transform into a monster which Wednesday had seen many times throughout the season. The whole plot is about the monster and what it is doing near Nevermore, so Wednesday decides to follow the mystery and see who the Hyde is and why they are killing other students and people in the town of Jericho. With this mystery come many new parts of Wednesday’s life, including new people.

Enid is Wednesday’s main friend and roommate at the school. She is a werewolf, but different from the others in this group at Nevermore as she has never wolfed out fully during a full moon. While she does feel like more of an outcast at times, she has a bright and hopeful personality with interest in doing many things, unlike Wednesday who is very dark and has little interest in doing activities as she thinks her time could be spent doing better. Although their friendship went through some rough patches, it managed to prevail in the end.

Wednesday already knew that Bianca would be a challenge at the school after their fencing duel. She is a very driven and powerful student, and posed a threat to Wednesday at times. While they are both fierce competitors and act against each other all the time, they both respect each other as challenging opponents.

A big theme in the show, like many other shows, was love. While Wednesday would be the last person to be interested in anyone or have anyone interested in her, it left her surprised when both Xavier and Tyler were interested in her. Xavier is also a psychic student at Nevermore who has the power to see dreams of people or objects that are actually real while he is sleeping. Additionally, he can also bring the paintings he draws to life after painting what he sees in his dream. Tyler is thought to be a normal human at Jericho, but is a crucial part to the story and helps Wednesday a huge amount with the mystery.

There are many other vital characters in the story. Thing is a disembodied hand who was first sent to spy on her by her parents, but she discovered him and he ended up helping her solve the mystery with his small size and ability to go places he would not be noticed in. Eugene is a beekeeper who invites Wednesday into her first afterschool group, the Beekeeping Club. He ends up going to search for the actual monster with Wednesday and help her solve the mystery. 

A prevalent theme in the show is also Wednesday’s hatred towards her parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams. Morticia and Gomez both used to go to Nevermore and are very harsh on Wednesday. She does not respect their actions and decisions about her, and later in the show, Wednesday had to sidetrack from the mystery at hand to solve an old case involving her father.

While Wednesday is a contrasting character from most other people in the show, she is starting to change because of her time with Nevermore. She becomes close friends with Enid although she thought she would never have a best friend. She feels happy at times when she would not feel this way before she went there. She has love interests which was the last thing on her mind when first going to this school.

It is interesting to see the character development of not just Wednesday, but many of the characters in the show too. The original show has been remade many times, but this new show is loved by many. They cannot wait for season 2 to come out which people think will happen eventually. If you have not watched the show and are intrigued by suspenseful mysteries and comedic thrillers, consider giving Wednesday a watch on Netflix.