Santa Claus: Who Is That Guy?

Kelvin Mungai, CBN Staff

Santa Claus is a name known within households across the globe. The origin of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, and a multitude of other names stretches wide and far across history.

Santa Claus’ real name is believed to be Kris Kringle but historically speaking, he’s mainly referred to as Saint Nicholas. The story of Santa Claus starts in the 3rd century. A monk named St. Nicholas became popular for his kindness and generosity. From this, a vast array of legends were born, most popularly, the legend of Santa Claus. 

After much creative license was used, the Santa Claus we know today is a big, jolly, red-dressed man who flies around the world on reindeer, granting presents to those he deems worthy. Santa determines who gets gifts through lists called the “Naughty” and “Nice” lists. Those who are on the “Nice List” receive presents from Santa, and those who are on the “Naughty List” are meant to receive cole. Santa Claus is said to live at the North Pole with his wife, Mrs.Claus, and at his workshop where he makes all of the toys and presents. In order to get the gifts ready for Christmas time, Santa Claus has elves that work inside the workshop year-round, preparing and making the gifts. Santa is said to enter the homes of families through their chimneys in order to deliver their presents under the Christmas tree. Some families leave out milk and cookies for Santa to indulge in while he’s on the job. 

The legend of Santa Claus is known worldwide and many participate in the events that follow suit of the legend.