Word on the Street: Winter Break

Alicia Kilian, Staff Writer

While it may seem like we just came back from Thanksgiving break, HMHS students and staff have been counting down the days toward winter vacation. We reached out and asked the HMHS community about their plans, traditions, and wishes for winter break.

8th grader, Kaelyn Anderson enjoys spending time with her family over the holidays. Each year, she and her family continue their tradition of visiting their grandma’s sister’s house for Christmas dinner. As for her wish list, she said she would like a new pair of headphones because her old ones broke. 

Gianna Mingolla, freshman, is one of if not the biggest Christmas enthusiasts in the school. Days or even weeks before Christmas, you can spot her decked out in holiday sweaters or accessories. This year, she wished for AirPods and Air Forces. She and her family open one gift on Christmas Eve and leave the rest for Christmas Day. For the New Year, her family and neighbors order Chinese food and play games to spend time together. 

When asked what she was looking forward to over break, 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Welch said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, eating a ton of food, watching my son’s excitement as he opens his presents, and being able to re-energize for 2023.” Every year, her family holds a Yankee Swap, a holiday game of buying presents, wrapping them, and having different guests randomly select their own gifts, making for some “hilarious gift exchange ideas.” She would love a vacation to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. 

Jake Wilde, junior, is looking to relieve some stress over break, especially from school. He plans to hang out with friends and family, as well as open presents. Each year, both sides of his family hold Christmas parties, so he gets to go to both! Talk about an eventful holiday! 

Senior Hannah Altidor, along with many others, is looking forward to catching up on some sleep over break. She is also looking to wind down and read. Similarly to Gianna, Hannah is allowed to open one of her presents on Christmas Eve. As for Christmas Day, she spends the entire day with her family at her grandparent’s house. 

Nicole Taylor, senior, is excited to have her brothers coming back home from Florida. As for presents, she says she wants “a whole lot of chapstick.” Each year she and her family travel to Boston to her aunt’s house to celebrate.

Let’s all put in strong efforts to finish off the last week of 2022! We can’t wait to see everyone next year!