SZA Drops New Hit Album “SOS”

Kai Forbes, CBN Staff

Solana Imani Rowe, more commonly known as SZA, recently dropped her album “SOS.” After a long-awaited hiatus, SZA is finally back with a new album consisting of 23 hit songs. 

SZA’s last album was dropped in 2017, however, she has released several singles that have taken the media by storm. Her song “I hate U” was all over the internet within hours of publication and it hasn’t stopped there. There have been several songs that have been leaked prior to the SOS album coming out, but on December 9th fans were finally able to enjoy those leaked previews in their full glory. Not only has it only been a week since SZA dropped her SOS album, but within hours 7 out of the 23 songs that have been released have already made the Top 100 in the USA on Apple Music. 

But she hasn’t stopped there, since the release of her album SZA has surpassed several milestones that were never thought to be possible. Four days after SOS, SZA was the number one streamed artist on global Spotify, she broke the record for biggest single-day streams for an R&B album, and is now the 5th biggest first week for an album in U.S. Spotify history.

SZA’s album has also been all over every social platform, from TikTok, to Instagram, to Snapchat, you can’t miss hearing at least one of her songs from that album after scrolling for a few minutes. This success has led SZA to take this album on tour, and after five days she has completely sold out in every location. 

SZA has proven she is here to stay and is continuing to make a name for herself in the music industry.