Massive Aquarium Bursts in Berlin

Jshawa Solomon, CBN Staff

A massive aquarium, aptly named AquaDom, located inside of the Radisson Collection Hotel burst, releasing 1,500 tropical fish onto the floor and nearby street. Approximately 264,000 gallons of water had leaked from the aquarium which shattered nearby glass and injured 2 people. 

The AquaDom was the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium and its destruction caused Radisson Hotel to shut down and relocate its tenants. The fire department spokesperson, Adrian Wentzel stated that the incident happened at around 5:50 AM and that not only was the street and building flooded, but the nearby road which also had to be shut down. 

Guests of the hotel recall hearing a large boom and water being spilled everywhere. Some likened it to being like an earthquake but guests are ultimately thankful that this incident happened early in the morning as any later, then the streets would have been filled with pedestrians which could have proved even more disastrous.The cause of this occurrence is still unknown but police have stated that there was no sign of a targeted attack. Though the aquarium was last renovated in 2020, some speculation suggests that the cold weather had caused the glass to crack and the water to gush out. 

Though many fish passed, some were able to survive with some spots of water forming puddles but the colder weather has made saving them difficult. There is hope yet as there are tanks filled with 400-500 fish below the main tank who can be saved. The owner of AquaDom, Union Investment, issued a statement wishing those injured a speedy recovery and dismay regarding the accident and how it affected their tenants.