Holbrook Food Pantry Partner With the Council On Aging


Kai Forbes

Volunteers helping package food for the pantry

Kai Forbes, CBN Staff

Over the years the Holbrook Food Pantry has been an essential part of the Holbrook community. The food pantry has acted as a sanctuary for people from all walks of life to ensure the people of this community have a meal on their plate. Every second Saturday of the month has been the day designated for the Holbrook Food Pantry. Not only do the people who run the food pantry come out to help, but so do many volunteers around the community looking to lend a helping hand. However, despite the efforts of the food pantry, the workers, and volunteers there was still a heavy percentage of the community that weren’t able to make it. 

This percentage is the elderly, a good percentage of the elderly in Holbrook are a part of an organization known as the Council on Aging, which provides a safe space for older generations who are looking for friends, companionship, or just something to do throughout the week. Many of the elderly depend on the Council on Aging for transportation throughout the week, so with Saturdays being excluded from the transportation schedule, many of these elderly are left to depend on what little food they may have. A majority of elderly community in Holbrook have also already retired, so their source of income is also dependent on getting paid from the government every month. Having to depend on everyone can make anyone feel like a burden, and definitely can cause insecurities to seek anymore help.  

However, after noticing the lack of elderly people present at the food pantry, the organizers of the food pantry and the Council on Aging took it in their own hands to team up to create a day crafted for the elderly and for others who might not be able to make it every second Saturday of the month. Every second Monday of the month has now become another opportunity for the food pantry to help their community, and an outlet for a percentage of the community that regularly goes unnoticed.