Brittney Griner Released by Russia

Kai Forbes, CBN Staff

Brittney Griner, the 32-year-old WNBA player for the Phoenix Mercury team, was freed from Russian imprisonment last Thursday night. After her season with the UMMC Ekaterinburg basketball team in Russia, Brittney Griner was later detained at Sheremetyevo airport in February. After being searched at the airport, security found cartridges containing cannabis extract and since then she has been in Russian custody for about 6 months before she had been found guilty in August of trying to smuggle drugs into Russia and sentenced to 9 years in prison. This came as a shock to many Americans and caused a riot of support throughout the internet. From petitions to Instagram posts, Americans were rebelling and showing their support against the unfair treatment Brittany was undergoing. 

However, after her release, many people were divided in their opinions on the matter. Brittney Griner was freed through a prisoner exchange, between notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is also known as the “Merchant of Death.” Many people question if this was the right choice and fear the consequences that this swap may produce. As well as the question about, Paul Whelan’s freedom, an American who has been in Russian imprisonment for 4 years. Overall there have been a lot of debates over the topic of her release, both in favor and against the case. 

Former President Donald Trump has also taken time to say something on the matter, and like many others isn’t too pleased with the current decision that was made by current President, Joe Biden. However, aside from the arguments that have been made in terms of the case, the whereabouts of Brittney Griner have confirmed that she was headed to the U.S. on a plane, and has been reported to have made it back home safely.