Review on Xbox Elite Controller 2

Jshawa Solomon, CBN Staff

When it comes to gaming, the controller is the most important aspect of your experience. Without the controller, the platform you are playing on whether it be Xbox, Playstation, or PC is rendered useless as you have no way to actually play what you want to play. This may raise the question of just how much of a difference does the controller make? 

I have had the good fortune of coming across arguably the best controller on the market, the Xbox Elite Controller 2 and there is a noticeable difference when playing with that controller compared to playing with a normal one. 

The best feature of the Elite 2 is the 4 paddles on the bottom of it which act as additional inputs when playing a game. This gives the user a huge edge especially in shooter games as now, you don’t have to take your fingers off the sticks when doing other actions such as jumping or sliding. This is not possible on any other controller except for the Elite 2 and neither is the sheer customization possibilities the Elite 2 offers. 

For example, whenever the user wants, they may go into their Xbox settings and map all of the buttons (including paddles) to whatever they want and better yet, add presets that can be switched between using a button under the logo button. 

If you want as well, you may customize the resistance on the Elite 2 triggers and the friction on the sticks which can come in handy when playing different genres. The Elite 2 isn’t perfect however as the controller is noticeably smaller than the original which may be jarring to some. 

The price tag isn’t modest either coming in at a whopping $180 at some places. Beyond that however, the Elite 2 is arguably the best controller on the market right now and for all of the benefits and obvious advantages it holds, it is easily a 10/10.