Avatar: The Way of Water

Kelvin Mungai, CBN Staff

Avatar: The Way of Water is a PG-13 film, set to release on December 16, 2022. This movie is a sequel to the popular Avatar movie that was released in 2009. Avatar: The Way of Water stars the first film’s two protagonists Neytiri and Jake Sully who’ve now formed their own family and have to navigate their way around a new threat that’s surfaced in Pandora. This film is expected to be widely favored by many fans of the series. 

The franchise hasn’t been continued for the last thirteen years so if this sequel is done correctly then it should serve as a major fan service to the people who’ve been waiting for this movie, or even the people who didn’t realize that they wanted it.

The first Avatar movie to this day has made the most money ever compared to any other film and it’s held this title for the last thirteen years. Avatar was a huge success during its time because there wasn’t anything out there like it. This movie was very different and it even made way for many new things to be given another chance such as watching it in 3D and IMAX screenings which had dwindled down at the time. One thing that made Avatar such a huge success would be the fact that it was very technologically advanced for its time. The film used 60% CGI imagery meaning that more than half the movie was filmed without using traditional techniques and live-action filming. Coupled with the fact that the film was PG and it was the first in its franchise history, allowing it to be viewed by a wide variety of people, this movie was the perfect recipe for success. 

Avatar: The Way of Water comes out in one week and it’s only a matter of time before fans start rolling into the theaters.