Spotify Wrapped has Arrived

Johann Rodriguez-Viera, CBN Staff

On November 30th, many students rushed to check their phones after news had spread that Spotify’s annual personalized music review had been released, dubbed “Wrapped”.

Wrapped is an event that Spotify holds annually to celebrate its users’ taste in music. It uses an algorithm to compile each individual’s most listened-to songs, artists, and genres. It began in 2016 and has been a welcomed tradition for music lovers ever since.

While it is a program customized for individuals, it indirectly causes people to come together, with many taking the opportunity to share their results on social media, or to pull aside their friends and show off their results. 

Holbrook Middle-High School junior Jordan Cioffi states, “It’s exciting, every year it’s an awesome opportunity to be able to look at what you’ve been listening to and what other people have been listening to. I feel like it’s a great way to bring the community together.”

In a society where people are being drawn more and more to social media and their screens, many agree that it is a refreshing experience. People are able to see how relevant they are in an artist’s fandom, seeing how they rank in the artist’s total listeners. This has led to almost a competition amongst fans, trying to see who can reach higher. 

Wrapped has built a sense of camaraderie amongst its fans and has allowed people to grow closer together. At least at Holbrook Middle-High School, both students and teachers can appreciate music together.