World Cup 2022

Kelvin Mungai, Staff Writer

The Fifa World Cup is an international football tournament consisting of thirty two men’s teams, all a part of the International Federation of Association Football, or FIFA. 

The World Cup was founded 92 years ago and has had 23 tournaments since.  The winners of this quadrennial tournament receive a Fifa World Cup Trophy and all bragging rights. This is an amazing chance to represent and bring pride to your country so players take this event very seriously.

These past few weeks, the World Cup has been taking the world by storm. With the World Cup occurring every 4 years, its hype only increases when it airs. The amount of attention and publicity that this event has been getting this year is very prominent in our building, and across the world. Millions of people around the globe have been watching this event and in its previous history, viewership totals have been known to reach a billion. 

Many students around the building have been following this event very closely like Tyrone Duran, varsity soccer goalkeeper. In regards to his interest with the World Cup, Tyrone said, “Everything. Soccer is just more than a sport. You learn from the game and each one you watch is just always a movie.” The World Cup has also been known to bring families together in enjoyment and love for the game. When asked how the World Cup has affected his family, Tyrone states, “Big time. We always get together and watch the games. It brings us together because it’s not just me it’s a family thing about soccer, we all love it, we all watch every game, the big games and even the smaller games no matter what.” 

The World Cup is continuously affecting people all around the world and it’s only a matter of time before we find out who’s taking home the trophy this year.