Car Crashes into Apple Store in Hingham, MA

Jordan Cioffi, CBN Staff

November 22nd, 2022 began as a normal day in the Derby Street Shoppes. Early morning business was carrying on as usual; all was well. However, around 10:45 AM, the community would be shocked, and the Derby Street Shoppes would be changed forever. 

A man identified as Bradley Rein, (53 of Hingham) drove into the Apple Store within the Derby Street Shoppes at a rapid speed. The car was going fast enough to break all the glass at the front of the building. The car entered the building and destroyed everything in its path. 

Unfortunately in the incident, 1 person was killed, and 19 others were injured in many forms of severity. The victims of this horrific accident were transported to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. 

Even though this was an atypical situation, it may not have been on purpose. Rein claims he was searching for an eyeglasses shop, and his foot got stuck on the accelerator pedal of his Toyota, causing his car to run straight through the Apple Store. However, on surveillance, it is shown that the car consistently sped up and made a straight B-Line for the Apple Store. This footage made it appear as if it was a deliberate action. 

No matter the cause of this incident, it is still a tragedy. People have been changed forever because of one accident. An Apple Spokesperson said, “Our hearts go out to our team members and customers who were injured and all of those who were affected by this terrible incident. We are doing everything we can to support our team members and customers at this very difficult time.” The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook also came to come and support some of the victims at South Shore Hospital Earlier this week. The Derby Street Shoppes have since reopened.