Word on the Street: Thanksgiving Break

Alicia Kilian, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving break just wrapping up, students and staff at HMHS have many different ways of commemorating Thanksgiving. We asked HMHS how they plan to spend their Thanksgiving. 

Alek Ludkiewicz, freshman, typically visits his aunt for Thanksgiving dinner. Though he does not have a favorite dish, his favorite part of Thanksgiving is being with his family. When asked what he is most thankful for, he said, “my friends and family, as they are always there for me.” 

Jayden Mercado, junior, says his favorite part of thanksgiving is, “being with my family since that’s really the only time we are all together.” His favorite dish at his great-grandmother’s Thanksgiving feast is butter rolls. He is most thankful for his family, friends, and girlfriend.

Ms.Toye, biology and anatomy and physiology teacher, usually hosts Thanksgiving dinner at her home with her family. Her favorite dish during Thanksgiving is green bean casserole, which she says she is a die-hard fan of. Her highlight of Thanksgiving is being able to relax and enjoy time with her company without the stress of presents. She is thankful for the time she has been able to spend working on self-reflection. She says, “I feel like I’ve gotten to slow down a little bit this year and just take it easy and focus on myself…I’m thankful for the improvements and self-work that I did over the last year for myself.” 

7th grader, Chelsea Domingo goes to a family member’s house for Thanksgiving, where she is able to experience her favorite part of the holiday: dinner. While certain about her favorite part of Thanksgiving, she can’t choose a favorite dish, as she says, “There’s a lot of good food.” She is thankful for her family.

Natalie Morales, 8th grader, usually spends Thanksgiving at home with her family. Her favorite part about Thanksgiving is the food. After careful consideration, she decided on stuffing as her favorite dish. When asked what she is thankful for, she said, “My family. My family is my happy place.”

We hope everyone enjoyed their break and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!