Bulldogs Emerge Victorious Against Sharks


Amy Yip

Jordan Cioffi with a group of Sharks surrounding him

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

The Bulldogs took home another victory at their latest game against the Monomoy Sharks, with a final score of 24 to 13. 

Holbrook/Avon’s had many essential players on their defense. Players include Jordan Cioffi, Rolens St. Jean, and Justin Jerome. But not only was defense astonishing, but offense as well. These players include Chuck Luarasi, Thomas Irby, Cameron Campbell, and Antoli Theodate. 

Key moments throughout the game were an interception from Jordan Cioffi, and several touchdowns from Thomas Irby, Jordan Cioffi, and Cameron Campbell. 

This now brings the Bulldogs’ record to 3-2, they’re only hoping to increase that number until the end of the season. 

Make sure to support our Bulldogs at their homecoming game on Friday, October 21th at 7 PM!