Bulldog’s Wear Down Cape Cod Tech


Amy Yip

Kenny Jean-Michael lunging towards rival player

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

The Bulldogs went against Cape Cod Tech and were able to score their second winning game of the season, pulling ahead with a final score of 44 to 20. 

A key moment was during the first quarter, after only an astonishing 1 minute and 25 seconds exactly, Marquis Dobay-Lindsay was able to score a touchdown as well as Kenny Jean-Michael scored a 2-point conversion. 

Throughout the game, Marquis Dobay-Lindsay scored 3 touchdowns and two 2-point conversions, scoring around half of the Bulldog’s final score alone. In total, Holbrook/Avon scored six touchdowns along with four 2-point conversions.

With that being said, other key contributors of the night included Kenny Jean-Michael, Jordan Cioffi, and Sam Hobart. There were also new players who really outshined during the game which include Antoli Theodate and Ethan Carey-Prendable. 

The Bulldogs’ record now stands at 2-1. Make sure to cheer the boys on at their upcoming game next Friday!