Freshmen Spotlight: Garrett C, Jaida G, Brianna S


Madison Burnett

Garrett Cullity

Madison Burnett and Amy Yip

With the HMHS seniors leaving, we like to shed some light on some of the new high-schoolers. The HMHS freshmen are already leaving their mark on the school.  

Garrett Cullity is an extroverted and friendly freshman. Some of Garrett’s hobbies include listening to music embroidery, creative writing and making collage art. He also enjoys helping people. With being a part of GSA and social justice club, he hopes to make a change in the world. Garrett had a roller coaster of a school year, but says overall, it was great. “I grew a lot this year and made new bonds.” Garrett thinks the biggest differences between high school and middle school are the workloads and expectations of the teachers, although the list of class choices has gotten better. For their future high school years, he hopes to get involved in sports and grow the GSA and Social Justice club. “I am also looking forward to learning more  and getting prepared to graduate.” Garretts’ advice for incoming freshmen is to not be afraid to get involved with school, and the community, but to always work on yourself. “Work on your time management and organization, it is really important and kind of difficult but it will pay off.” 

Jaida Gedeon has participated in a multitude of activities, even in just her freshman year! She’s currently on the track team, running races like the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the 4×100 relay. Jaida has also been captain of the cheer team and has been cheerleading since seventh grade. With that being said, Jaida is Vice President of the class of 2025. About high school, Jaida states, “I feel that high school is a big change from middle school because it is way more independent.” But with that independence, Jaida says, “I’ve learned which teachers I could talk to about anything and who I could share my thoughts or ideas with all without being judged.” Away from school, Jaida enjoys socializing with her friends, going out, and listening to music. But for the future, she hopes to see more activities incorporated, like field trips. She aspires to better her athleticism. Advice Jaida wants incoming freshmen to know is, “Don’t procrastinate any of your work and be open to trying new hobbies or sports. Freshman year’s grades matter so, don’t give up just because it’s only your first year of high school!”

Brianna Santiago is an HMHS cheerleader and has been on the team for a few years, she’s currently working as a base. Brianna enjoys dancing and spending time with her friends and family. Brianna thinks her first year of high school has been good, but a lot of work. “In high school, you have to be more mature, take responsibility, learning new things to prepare you for your future.” Some advice she would give to incoming freshmen would be to work hard.

We wish the freshmen luck on their high school journeys!