Senior Spotlight: Lauryn G, Tiana D, Nick C

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

Holbrook Middle-High School is the home of many outstanding students, but we’d like to give recognition to just three seniors that have truly made their mark on HMHS. 

Lauryn Gedeon is an HMHS senior and athlete. She’s been a part of the HMHS varsity cheer team for four years, and contributes to the volleyball team as an outside and right-hitter.  One of her favorite memories of HMHS was when she was crowned homecoming queen at the 2021 homecoming dance. Another great memory was when she was a part of the senior pep rally in October. Ms. Toye and Mr. Culpepper are two teachers that contributed to Lauryn’s high school career. “Taking the physics class with Peps in 9th grade made me realize that I liked the mix of science and math. Then also taking biology and anatomy & physiology with Ms. Toye revealed my interest in the human body and how we work.”After high school, Lauryn wishes to attend college and major in nursing. When asked about the future, she quotes, “I see myself working somewhere in a hospital either taking care of newborns/babies, or young children.”

Tiana Docanto is a big athlete at HMHS. She’s a triathlete by partaking on the HMHS soccer, track, and cheer teams. She has been class treasurer for four years, and is the president for the National Honors Society. She’s also a part of the social justice club, Student Advisory board, and is in the yearbook club. One of Tiana’s favorite memories was the Washington DC trip in her freshman year,  “It had the perfect mix of learning and having fun.” Mr. Zahm was a big inspiration to Tiana and enlightened her love for stem. She has a passion in the medical field and has been interested ever since she was a child. Tiana will be attending college on a pre-med track, and in the future she wishes to work as a doctor at a Massachusetts hospital. “After my career is over though I would love to be out of the country on a beach with my family.”

Nicholas Cioffi, Code Blue News reporter, stated that one of his favorite memories throughout his high school years was the connections he’s made when engaging in sports, conventions, and even within the school district. He is currently taken the role as stage crew for the upcoming play, Beauty and the Beast. Cioffi is also a former athlete, participating in track and cross country. Outside of school, he enjoys writing, making videos, and playing video games. A big inspiration for him is Mr. Gorman, he stated, “He works hard, is a chill guy, and is probably the person I can look up to and respect the most at HMHS.” After graduation, he quotes, “I will be serving a two-year mission through my church.” Once those two years are up, he’ll be attending Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. Cioffi isn’t aware of what he’ll pursue in the future, he’s “just taking it one day at a time.”