New Teacher: Ms. Faherty


Adrianna Baker

Ms. Faherty

Holbrook Middle High School welcomes a new sixth grade teacher, Ms. Faherty. Here, she teaches sixth grade math and sixth grade explorations. Before starting at Holbrook, Ms. Faherty attended Fairfield University. There, she studied French and art, as well as majoring in math. During her time as a college student, she was on the cheerleading team for two years. One major component from her time at Fairfield was studying abroad. “I went to the South of France for a semester my junior year.” She earned her Bachelor’s degree in math when she graduated. “I wish I could go back!” From her experiences, she has learned how to live on her own. “I had to go grocery shopping, I had to get to school everyday on my own. I learned how to be an individual, a good student, and a team leader on the cheer team.”
In her spare time, Ms. Faherty likes to play soccer. She plays soccer with a few other teachers from Holbrook. “We play every Monday night, but it’s ending unfortunately.” Ms. Faherty stated she has been playing all her life. She even played in high school at the varsity level. Aside from soccer, she babysits on the side, likes to hang out with friends, and enjoys going to the movie theater.
Ms. Faherty graduated in 2019 from Fairfield University and now she has started a career in teaching. Last year, she held a part time teaching position at Milton High School, where she is originally from. However, this is her first full year teaching, especially at the middle school level. Teaching in her first year, she wants students to learn proper behavior in the classroom. “It all went out the window last year seeing that we were all on Zoom. My goal is for them to learn how to respect themselves, their teachers, respect their peers, and respect the building.” Another goal of hers is to spread out positive energy and be an understanding teacher. She also says, ‘’I want to create a positive energy and someone who can listen to student problems.”