Child Safety and Protection Month

Every year, approximately 14,000 children, ranging in ages 0 to 19, die from preventable injuries. By acknowledging Child Safety and Protection Month, you can help lower these numbers. Here are some tips and tricks on how to ensure your child’s safety and protection.
It’s important for your household and vehicles to be a safe space for your children. First, make sure to keep cleaning supplies and medication out of reach. Young children often mistake medication for candy. Consuming them can not not only lead to an overdose, but children may also take in chemicals and poisons. To prevent this, put locks on cabinets and make all your caps childproof.
Next, cover electrical outlets. As your child grows, they will start to explore and touch various objects in your house. This includes power outlets. Touching them can result in serious injuries. If you put outlet covers, you can avoid this. Lastly, car safety. Make sure to follow car safety rules and never leave your child unattended or without a seatbelt.
Your child should know what to do during emergencies. Having numbers of trusted adults and emergency responders is critical. You can also make emergency exits and routes.
Your child’s safety is top priority, so it’s important for you and your child to be alert at all times.